Rural Connectivity Programme

This project is aimed at closing the void created by Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) during their rollout. While operators refuse or are unable to extend coverage to communities with population below 1,000 for commercial and economic purposes, GIFEC, as part of its mandate is implementing this project in order to provide voice and data services to unconnected communities in Ghana.

Project Components:

  • Tripartite Co-operation Model between GIFEC, Telco and Vendor, for efficient CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Deployment is done through the use of the UMTS 900 Rural Star Technology
  • Sites are solar-powered
  • 400 sites deployed within 2 years
  • Over 600,000 people connected in beneficiary communities
  • 3G data services provided


Satellite Hub

One of GIFEC’s objectives is to provide internet point of presence and basic telephony to unconnected communities in Ghana.
The installation of a VSAT Hub is to provide universal access to telecommunication services for remote communities in the country. The project is being implemented to motivate telecommunication operators to extend their services into locations of less commercial viability.
It is to also provide the same satellite communication services, delivering a terrestrial-grade experience with voice, video and data that can be extended to all unserved communities in Ghana.
Under this initiative, 100 VSATs internet sites have been installed, with 12 RTP sites integrated onto the hub and 82 CICs connected to the internet.