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ICT Education, Awareness and Content

HomeICT Education, Awareness and Content

Since June 2010, GIFEC has embarked upon a series of public education on Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), exposure and health, with the aim of raising awareness on issues of the related to exposure limits as well as addressing communication challenges.

So far all the 10 regional capitals and nine municipal/district capitals have been covered.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Capacity Building – The objective of this programme is to promote digital inclusion at the community level and also help bridge the digital divide nationwide, by funding the provision of basic ICT training to civil and public servants and others in the underserved and unserved communities using the Community Information Center (CIC) facility.

3908 individuals including personnel of the Metropolitan Municipal and Districts Assemblies (MMDAs), and artisans such as tailors, drivers / driver mates, carpenters etc. have been trained


The Coding for Kids (C4K) initiative is a programme designed to give opportunity to all kids and youth to explore the world of technology through the creation of websites, computer games, interactive arts, mobile apps and animation stories using programming languages like JAVA, HTML, CSS, among others.

The main objective of this project to empower kids by building their problem-solving skills which will enhance creativity and lead to innovation to solve the basic problems of our society.

The Objectives of the project are to:

  • Train pupils with problem solving skills
  • Form coding clubs which will serve as a union for working together

Build the confidence of pupils in Information Technology